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Reach the most educated, affluent public at minimal expense.

Sponsor a valuable cultural resource with local roots and a global audience, supporting the best of the arts in New York.

Tully Scope Opening Event: ICE performs Nathan Davis, Bells, in the Grand Foyer of Alice Tully Hall. Photo © 2011 Michael Miller.

Tully Scope Opening Event: ICE performs Nathan Davis, Bells, in the Grand Foyer of Alice Tully Hall. Photo © 2011 Michael Miller.

“The Berkshire Review is a gourmet feast for hungry thought-addicts. We all should acknowledge with gratitude our place at the banquet table.” Paula Robison, flutist


Classical music, opera, dance, theater, film, art, photography, architecture and city planning, books, travel, restaurants, food and drink.

Read “About New York Arts, an International Journal for the Arts” and “About The Berkshire Review.”

45,000 visits from  19,000 unique visitors, and 800,000 hits per month.

Affluent, highly educated readers from over 95 countries around the world, keenly interested in the cultural events in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles—wherever they call home—and the summer festivals of the Berkshires as well!

Of these:

◆ 20% live in the Northeast (36% – New York Arts alone)

◆ 10% in New York (27% – New York Arts alone)

◆ 45% in the USA (64% New York Arts alone)

◆ 6% in Massachusetts

◆ 8% each in France and the UK

◆ 34% in Europe (25% – New York Arts alone)

◆ 6% on the West Coast (8% – New York Arts alone)

A recent audience survey told us that:

◆ 65% of our readers have bachelors’ degrees

◆ 35% hold post-graduate degrees

◆ 30% receive $100,000 to $250,000 a year in income

◆ 35% receive $60,000 to $100,000 a year in income

◆ 25% go to a performance or visit a museum twice a week or more

◆ 28% go to a performance or visit a museum once a week

◆ 31% go to a performance or visit a museum once a month

◆ 50% prefer to read printed books

Click here for our Quantcast demographics.


A few of our readers’ favorite destinations:

1. New York: (home for most of our readers) Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Broadway, Joyce Theater, and many others.

2. The Berkshires, including VT, NH, CT, and the Hudson Valley: Tanglewood, Bard Music Festival, Tannery Pond Concerts, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Berkshire Thatre Festival, Shakespeare & Company, Barrington Stage Company, Clark Art Institute, and others.

3. Boston: Boston Early Music Festival, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston Lyric Opera, Emmanuel Music, and others.

4. The Rest of the World: After New York, our largest groups of readers are in Paris, London, and Sydney.


Who will benefit from advertising?

Any business or non-profit near our prime destinations: universities, colleges, schools, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, galleries, antique, jewellery, and clothing shops, real estate agents, and many others. Arts organizations, publishers, recording companies, banking, wealth management, etc.


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3. Small bottom right sidebar ads (all pages)

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Discounts for extended commitments

3 months – 5%

6 months – 10%

7-12 months 15%

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All ads are linked to your homepage or whatever URL you designate.

Full Stats are available to advertisers.

All ads are subject to approval by the publisher, who reserves the right to refuse any advertisement, especially in the case of rich media (Flash) ads.

Payment is due via credit card (accepted through PayPal) before the placement of the ad. Checks must clear before placement.


Contact: advertising [at] newyorkarts [dot] net or phone: (917) 993-0884.

We design ads, too, and offer photographic services and web design from a variety of talented and experienced professionals. Contact us for rates and more information at advertising [at] berkshirereview [dot] net.

New York Arts was launched in May 2011, as the daughter publication of  The Berkshire Review for the Arts, which was launched in 2007. They are now established as highly respected sources for in-depth expert reviews, previews, and articles about the arts festivals, exhibitions, restaurants, and attractions of the Berkshires, as well as events in Boston and New York City, where many of our summer residents spend the winter. Our core readers, people who return to the Berkshires year after year for its cultural life, know the best in the arts and expect the most informed and discriminating criticism. As coverage in print media decline, arts enthusiasts have to keep informed through online sources. New York Arts is now the primary site, which includes all coverage except that specifically related to the Berkshires. Both publications cover New England, above all, Boston.

We use the latest features of Internet 2.0 to expand our base. We are connected with all of the major social sites, including Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Google+Tumblr, and others. We will build an interactive website for you to communicate with your customers. Ask for an estimate!

updated 9/7/2016

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