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Jonas Alber
Jonas Alber Jonas Alber has been called an unparalleled magician of sound, and has been praised for a maturity that seems unimaginable for such a young conductor.... More >

Giselle Barcia Author... More >

David Dunn Bauer
David Dunn Bauer David Dunn Bauer is a rabbi, critic, and educator formerly based in San Francisco, now in New York City. He writes regularly on issues of Torah, sexua... More >

Justin Bischof
Justin Bischof Justin Bischof is the Director of Music at The Church of St. James the Less, Artistic Director of The Canadian Chamber Orchestra of New York City CCO/... More >

Bruce Boucher
Bruce Boucher Bruce Boucher, is director of the University of Virginia Art Museum. Before that he was curator of European sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago,... More >

Emma Collins Emma Collins is an actress and musician living in New York City. She is the daughter of the baritone Keith Kibler, a contributor to the Berkshire Revi... More >

Douglas DaSilva
Douglas DaSilva Douglas DaSilva is a composer, guitarist, educator and music curator in New York City. As Artistic Director of the Composer's Voice Concert Series a... More >

Blanca del Castillo
Blanca del Castillo Blanca del Castillo is an arts administrator living in New York City. She studied Art History and Asian Studies at the College of the Holy Cross and r... More >

Huntley Dent
Huntley Dent Huntley Dent is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Santa Fe.... More >

Erin Courtney Devine
Erin Courtney Devine Erin Devine received her Ph.D. in Modern Art, with a focus on art since 1980, from Indiana University. Her dissertation, From Translation to Transgres... More >


Keith Francis
Keith Francis Keith Francis was born in Suffolk, England, in 1933. He was educated at the Crypt School, Gloucester and the University of Cambridge, where he read Na... More >

Karina Freudenthal
Karina Freudenthal Eternal traveller between worlds, passionately Latin, intellectual the European way, unconventional, undisciplined, wild, curious and creative. Yo... More >

Joanna Gabler
Joanna Gabler Author... More >

Daniel B. Gallagher
Daniel B. Gallagher Daniel Gallagher has taught philosophy and theology and is the author of numerous articles in metaphysics and aesthetics. He is particularly intereste... More >

Mari S. Gold
Mari S. Gold Mari S. Gold is a freelance writer who contributes to many magazines and websites. Her blog, But I Digress , on cultural events, travel, f... More >

Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths Paul Griffiths's reviews and articles have appeared extensively in both Britain (Times, Financial Times, Times Literary Supplement) and the United Sta... More >

Kate Hagerman Author... More >


William Harrison
William Harrison William Harrison is a freelance writer and loiterer based in New York, NY. A frequent contributor toDwellMagazine, he writes about architec... More >

Heidi Holder
Heidi Holder Author... More >

David Horowitz
David Horowitz David Horowitz is a piano instructor and music technologist. He is currently artistic manager at Realtime Music Solutions, a music software company ... More >

Gabriel Kellett A music graduate of Roehampton University, London, Gabriel has over the course of the last 18 months worked as a cameraman and editor on a feature fil... More >

Lucy Kellett Author... More >

Ilya Khodosh Author... More >


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