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John Guare’s Three Kinds of Exile at the Atlantic Theater Company, directed by Neil Pepe

Omar Sangare, Elżbieta Czyżewska, John Guare in Elżbieta Erased. Photo Kevin Thomas Garcia.

The ultimate impression John Guare’s Three Kinds of Exile left on me was that, although the selection of  three subjects was pertinent, varied, and effective, the series could have been carried on indefinitely. Perhaps the different kinds of exile that have been experienced are not infinite, but, like the ocean floor, exile has not been fully explored, and, if there is a limiting number to its variation, we do not know it. Mr Guare’s trilogy includes three exiles—all Central Europeans—who were actually displaced physically from the countries in which they were born and grew up, and that is the most obvious kind of exile…but what about the people who are exiles on their own native soil?

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