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Thumbnail : New York Un-Seen: A Gallery

New York Un-Seen: A Gallery

When you walk the streets of New York, do you see strange things? Do the familiar signs, window displays, and doorways that structure reality for us because of our needs and desires disappear every now and then, leaving nothing but some mundane phantasm that was there all the time, waiting for you to notice it, […]

Thumbnail : Joanna Gabler’s New York

Joanna Gabler’s New York

  Joanna Gabler, after many years of working as a painter in oils—a medium she continues to explore—and in straight photography, first attempted to combine her different visions in digital photography in 2008. Using common editing tools in her own original way, she attempts to extract the unseen energies behind physical reality. Since then she […]

Thumbnail : Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host

Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host

At one point in the entirely delightful Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, Ira Glass observes that Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass imbue their performances with personality just like “real people” as differentiated from more typical dancers with bland facial expressions who spin around. Bingo. This hybrid of two art forms, dance and radio, is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and I doubt that anyone else in the large Town Hall audience has either.

Thumbnail : Looking Forward into the Rear View Mirror: Taxi Driver Turns 35

Looking Forward into the Rear View Mirror: Taxi Driver Turns 35

For a man of the 1970s, Travis Bickle spends a lot of time looking at and through screens. His world is nearly always framed, either by a movie screen, an old TV, a windshield, a shop window or a rear view mirror. As Travis would know, at the movies everything is bigger than on TV. […]

Thumbnail : Towards Bikeopolis, Part 1

Towards Bikeopolis, Part 1

One recent morning I witnessed a rare sight; two children, almost certainly brother and sister, were riding their bikes to school. They wobbled along the sidewalk of a busy road. The boy pedaled ahead on his BMX while the girl’s bike was too big for her, its chain rusted to the point where, rather than shift gears, she walked the slightest rise. Commuters alone in their cars sped by on the way to work, their kids’ schools, gym or supermarket. This being outer Sydney, the street made not the slightest accommodation for the two kids and their healthy, intrepid mode of transportation.

Thumbnail : Master Drawings New York 2010

Master Drawings New York 2010

Master Drawings New York 2010 Preview: Friday January 22, 4pm to 9pm Galleries open: Saturday January 23 through Saturday January 30 Saturdays 11am–5pm Sunday January 24, 3pm–7pm Mon–Fri 11am–6pm Telephone enquiries: +1 212 755 8500 Web: For the fourth year Master Drawings New York will bring together a distinguished group of dealers from Europe and the United States […]

Thumbnail : Picholine


It didn’t take long for Picholine, after it opened in October 1993, to acquire the reputation and aura of an institution. Its original decor included old master paintings and tapestries or reasonable facsimiles of them, chandeliers, and heavy moldings—which made it look as if it had been there forever. While this interior may have conjured […]