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From Summer Opera…an Answer to the Opera Houses’ Predicament?

Euryanthe From left, Peter Volpe, Ryan Kuster, William Burden and Ellie Dehn, at Bard SummerScape . Photo Cory Weaver.

Permit me to indulge in a one-sided argument…or a rant, as I believe it’s called in the blogging world—which is not ours at New York Arts and The Berkshire Review!

Opera in the United States is particularly unsettled at the moment, if not in trouble. Both audiences and sources of funding are on a downward curve, although the better-managed companies seem to be coping. The biggest beast of all, The Metropolitan Opera, compromised by the bad judgement of its General Director, Peter Gelb, is the most worrisome of all.

Summer Retrospective: Donizetti and Verdi at Caramoor 2014 (with a look back to 2013)

Georgia Jarman and Stephen Powell in Rigoletto

The lattest upheavals in San Diego and New York have, as you might expect, stirred up another raft of “death of opera” articles in the press. Clichéd automatic reactions to what may be symptoms of something larger or may not were common enough before the digital age, but, since all it takes is to get a reader to click on a headline to accomplish something positive (as it seems) the constant repetition of dire news has become a reality of a decidedly Pavlovian sort, since the Net is interactive, is it not?

Bel Canto at Caramoor, Review: Guillaume Tell by Gioachino Rossini

William Tell by Gioachino Rossini Bel Canto at Caramoor Saturday, July 9 at 7:30pm ~ Venetian Theater Friday, July 15 at 7:30pm (repeat performance) ~ Venetian Theater Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Will Crutchfield, conductor Cast:  William Tell – Daniel Mobbs,…
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Semi-Staged is the New Staged – HMS Pinafore at Caramoor Bel Canto Festival

Tynan Davis, Jason Plourde, Robert McPherson, Georgia Jarman, Jorell Williams, Vanessa Cariddi, and Scott Bearden in HMS Pinafore. Photo Gabe Palacio.

HMS Pinafore by William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan Georgia Jarman, Soprano (Josephine) Vanessa Cariddi, Mezzo-Soprano (Little Buttercup) Tynan Davis, Mezzo-Soprano (Cousin Hebe) Robert Mcpherson, Tenor (Ralph Rackstraw) Jorell Williams, Baritone (Captain Corcoran) Scott Bearden, Baritone (Dick Deadeye) Jason…
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