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OFFICE MELNIKOV, Project for a VIRTÙal Venice, 2015.

OFFICE MELNIKOV, Project for a VIRTÙal Venice, 2015.

OFFICE MELNIKOV is the world’s preeminent bihemispherical atelier for the repositioning of post-architectonic, post-spatial contemporary urban outcomes. We aim to monetize underutilized urban problematics through such interventions as active frontages, hot-desking, mandatory wifi corridors, vectored elegification, meMORALization, bespoke damage control, pop-up interventionalism, pre-conceptualized ‘just in time’ consumer harmonics, inspirational value engineering, demographic smoothing, fact-based ironification, storytelling, nuancement, guided flânerie, n+1ism, Big Data, Smart Data, cloud-based bricks and mortar and maximalized floor space envelopes. We also celebrate heritage and ecological values, where practicable.

Our work includes the first panoptICON office environment for Ratfartt LLC in Singapore, the myLine, hiLine, lowLine, iLine, OFFline and LINEdance strategic urban renewal corridors on disused railway corridors in Brisbane, Dayton, Launceston, Oman, Ankara and Nashville. The latter project featured the world’s first wifi mandatory .comFORT pod toilets which use big data convergence analysis and advanced LED lighting to celebrate real time outcomes by incorporating mutational colorways ranging from goldenrod yellow to mud brown.

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Alan Miller

Alan Miller is a graduate of the Sydney University Faculty of Architecture and the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. A fanatical cyclist, he is a former Sydney Singlespeed Champion. He reports on cycling, film, architecture, politics, photography and various mixtures of the above.

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