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Mount Greylock, Early Spring, 2008. Photo © Michael Miller.

Mount Greylock, Early Spring, 2008. Photo © Michael Miller.

Please give generously to support The Arts Press publications, New York Arts and The Berkshire Review!

I never fail to consult the Berkshire Review without being impressed by the responsiveness, sympathy, and understanding informing its contents. Perhaps above all, the Review takes the arts – from theater production to fiction, from film to music – as having values aside from those of commercial entertainment, values that have to do with what it means to be human, and what it might mean to be more human. When practised at this level, criticism, too, is one of the arts.

Paul Griffiths, Novelist, Librettist, Music Critic

“I just spent about an hour browsing through your Berkshire Review and am staggered at its breadth and depth. I found so many pieces I wanted to read.  What a wonderful resource.”

Karen Halvorsen, Photographer.

“Your review made me start thinking about what it would be like if articles (such as in the NY Times) didn’t have to be less than 300 words, and could be more than just book reports. It was overwhelmingly positive to actually have the possibility to be enriched by journalism. What an intellectual and cultural life we would have if we could have this in all disciplines, including politics!”

Michel Galante, Conductor

Our publications continue to be widely acclaimed by leaders in the arts and our readers. Artists in all disciplines have expressed their gratitude for our reviews, articles, and interviews, and so have our readers, in a most gratifying way. We are constantly reminded of the value of our mission to promote the arts and educate audiences around the world.

From this response it isn’t hard for us to keep on at our work—which we give to you, our readers, without charge, gratis. And we work without pay, as volunteers.

But writing is a profession, and writers—and editors—deserve compensation for their work. And our daily operations incur expenses at every turn: Internet service, phone lines, hardware, software, transportation, and many other things. We cannot continue without your financial support.

We also present exhibitions, concerts, readings, and discussions in multidisciplinary context which draw inspiration from the interests of our publications. Hall rental, artists’ fees, publicity are very expensive! Ticket sales only begin to cover our costs. We cannot plan our next season without your financial support.

We want to grow, and we need administrative staff and fundraising professionals to accomplish that—to provide more coverage in more places, and to hire new talent.

The Arts Press is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Arts Press must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Contributions for the purposes of The Arts Press must be made payable to Fractured Atlas, either through the secure online form or by check, which should be mailed to the attention of Michael Miller, Publisher, The Arts Press, 127 East 91st Street, New York New York, 10128. Or just click on the Fractured Atlas logo below or in the appropriate box on the sidebar of every page of New York Arts and The Berkshire Review. Please give generously, so that we may continue to publish the high-quality criticism the arts deserve and to offer our new program of exhibitions, performances, lectures, and symposia. Serious criticism is absolutely essential if the arts are to survive and flourish, since the artists themselves use it to refine their work, and it plays a powerful role in educating and encouraging audiences to attend and support the arts.

To learn more about New York Arts and The Berkshire Review (and to read more of the comments made about us by leaders in the arts community), click here for New York Arts‘ “About” page, and here for The Berkshire Review‘s.

Sincerely, Michael Miller Publisher/Editor-in-Chief


Please send contributions by check to Michael Miller, Publisher, The Arts Press, 127 East 91st Street, New York New York, 10128. Checks should be made payable to Fractured Atlas, with “The Arts Press” in the memo line. You can also make secure contributions by credit card online. Just click on the Fractured Atlas logo in the appropriate box on the sidebar of every page on New York Arts and the Berkshire Review.

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