Grace Kelly


More United Solo Performances: Award-Winners Grace Kiley and Tim Collins, as well as Heather Ehlers and John Jiler

With one hundred productions spread over five weeks, I rather doubt that anyone has seen all of the United Solo Festival. After the sessions I previously reported on, I returned for one show I didn't want to miss, Tim Collins' On the Outskirts of Everything and Heather Ehlers' Spin, and later for the final weekend, when I managed to take in yet another show, John Jiler's Ripe, as well as the United Solo Awards Ceremony. It may sound like an especially wheezy cliché to praise a contemporary institution for carrying on a tradition of the Greeks, who, in religious ritual, presented competitions and awards of many sorts, but there seems something essential in this characteristically Greek custom, that strengthens the artists, the organizers, and their audience, making the muscles spring, the brain ignite, and the blood flow with an electric thrill.
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